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Aquacode - Coffee Brewing Water

Model: BS5901

Mineral water specially for brewing.
How to use: add to distilled water.
(In the box you will also find a "Dilution Chart", by mixing a bag of aquacode water you can have the desired TDS. )

Roasted with Love in Transylvania
Typhoon Roasters Fluid bed technology


Package: 12 packets of liquid
1. Select the required volume of pure diluted water in combination with the dilution chart ("Dilution Chart" 
2. Open the pouch and pour the entire pouch into the required distilled water
3. Mix properly to obtain coffee brewing water with a calcium and magnesium ratio of 1:2.7
Water composition:
AQUACODE accurately captures the magnesium-calcium ion concentration ratio through patented ion tempering technology. The Aquacode research team has found that a calcium-magnesium ratio of 1:2.7 creates an ideal balance between acidity and sweetness, essential factors for great tasting specialty coffee, which can greatly improve the extraction of aromatic substances from the coffee and also perfectly enhance the flavour. You can also adjust the water using our dilution table to suit your brewing style.

AQUACODE Coffee Brewing Water is a natural product designed to be added into your coffee brewing water to give you optimal mineral concentration, enhancing the extraction and flavour of your brew.

Different from other chemical synthetic products in the market, AQUACODE is a 100% natural and made with deep-sea ionic minerals which are extracted from below 700 meters in the Pacific Ocean by additive-free, low-temperature vacuum concentration.

AQUACODE provides stable calcium-to-magnesium ions ratio of 1:2.7 which helps you to get the optimal extraction from your brew and has been used in competition by several national brewer’s cup champions.

Original black AQUACODE sachets also known as 7-litre 'Barista', these sachets are intended to be diluted with 7 litres of pure distilled water (0ppm) to achieve a TDS of 85ppm.


Origin: Taiwan

Ingredient: Pure water, Deep Sea Water Mineral Solution


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