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Barshaker Coffee Roasters - Ethiopia Halo Beriti - Natural

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Model: RS0033
Taste the Yirgacheffe profile par excellence with this Gr. 1 batch from Halo Beriti Wash Station. Expect a balanced and fruity aroma.
Roasted with Love in Transylvania
Typhoon Roasters Fluid bed technology


Roasting profile : Omniroast

Processing : Natural

Origin : Ethiopia 

Region : Yirgacheffe / Gedeo

Weight : 250 g

Variety :JARC varieties , Local Landraces

Score : 86

Crop: 2021/22

Altitude: 2200m

Notes : Black tea, bergamot, blueberry

The Halo Beriti station was established in 2014 in the renowned Yirgacheffe coffee producing region. Approximately more than 700 farmers deliver to the station. They grow local and JARC varieties on small areas.

Small farms, which are usually 1.5 hectares in size. Their farms are located at an altitude of between 1,800 and 2,200 metres above sea level and are situated within 3 kilometres of the station.


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