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Barshaker Coffee Roasters - Brazil - Bela Vista Mantiquiera - Natural

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Model: RS0018

Lifelong coffee producer Ademir Francisco Pereira's focus on specialty coffee production has increased both the quality of his coffee and his family's livelihood.

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Roasting Profile: Espresso

Processing : Natural

Origin : Brazil

Region: São Gonçalo do Sapucaí / Mantiquiera de Minas

Weight : 250 g

Farmer: Ademir Francisco Pereira

Variety : Mundo Novo

Score: 86

Crop: 2021/22

Altitude: 1250m

Notes : Apple, Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut

This batch of natural coffee is sweet and chocolaty with notes of apple.

The owner's parents, Ademir Francisco Pereira, planted the first coffee plot in 1994, and the Pereira family has been growing coffee ever since. Ademir himself was born and raised on Fazenda Bela Vista. In 2010, Ademir began to focus on specialty production, and the added value resulting from high-quality processing has greatly improved their lives.

Ademir and his family pick cherries and dry them on raised beds. They frequently rake the cherries to ensure even drying.


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