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Barshaker Coffee Roasters - Burundi Kibingo Oro - Yeast Inoculated Fully Washed

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Model: RS0039
Farmers in Burundi add special Oro yeast to ripe cherries to produce a hearty and aromatic fermentation. The result is a sweet, fruity coffee you won't want to miss.
Roasted with Love in Transylvania
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Roasting Profile: Omniroast

Processing : Yeast inoculated, fully washed

Origin : Burundi

Region : Kayanza

Weight : 250 g

Farmer: Greenco Coffee

Variety : Red bourbon

Score: 87.5

Crop: 2022/23

Altitude: 1700-1900 m 

Notes : Citrus Fruit, Floral, Honey

Greenco, a company that oversees and structures washing stations in the Kayanza province of Burundi, provides support to washing stations and growers along the production chain.

They started their work in 2015 and have since dominated all Cup of Excellence competitions in Burundi.


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