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Barshaker Coffee Roasters - Costa Rica - Hacienda Sonora - Natural

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Model: RS0013

His vertically integrated farm and wet mill allows Marvin Barrantes to invest time in processing more labor-intensive coffee, including this Sarchimor batch.

Owner Marvin Barrantes named his farm after his mother, Elisa Alfaro Hidalgo. Doña Elisa was well known in town for her beautiful blue eyes. Locals in San Luis de Grecia said only a queen could have such eyes and nicknamed her "Reina Elizabeth". Marvin also explains that in addition to her beautiful blue eyes, Doña Elisa's kindness also rivaled that of a queen.

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Costa Rica - Hacienda Sonora Natural Sarchimor

Roasting profile: Espresso

Farmer: Marvin Barrantes

Processing : Natural

Origin : Costa Rica

Region : San Luis de Grecia, Alajuela / Valle Central

Weight : 250 g

Score: 87

Grade: SHB

Variety: Sarchimor

Crop: 2021/22

Altitude: 1,200-1,300m



Marvin's farm covers 8 hectares. In order to afford the production of single-variety lots, Marvin divided his land to grow the varieties separately. In addition to the Sarchimor variety in this lot, Marvin also grows Caturra, H1, Millenium, Geisha and Villalobos.

Harvest and post-harvest

Marvin set up his mill which he operates in 2012 with only a small pulper and a few raised beds.  Although processing honey is costly, Marvin explained that the short distance from his fields to the mill and his ability to capture value from the processing stage allows him to produce this excellent coffee.

The cherries are handpicked and selectively picked by Marvin and his family and ground on Marvin's ecopulper. He then lays the parchment and mucilage on drying beds. They rake the coffee frequently to ensure even drying. The coffee brews for about 20 days.

After drying, Marvin brings his parchment to Hacienda Sonora, where the coffee is stored, ground to dry, and prepared for export.

About Sarchimor

Sarchimor is a "family" of varieties that are hybrids of a coffee leaf rust resistant (CLR) hybrid from East Timor and Villa Sarchi (a natural Bourbon mutation, like Caturra and Pacas). Sarchimor is a good combination of the flavour profile of Bourbon (via Villa Sarchi, a close genetic relative of Bourbon) and the resistance of the disease-resistant hybrid from Timor-Leste. There are several well-known varieties of Sarchimor, including Marsellesa and Parainema.


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