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Hario - Coffee Dripper V60 - 01 - Clear

Model: BS1025

The famous Hario cone design is truly special because of the trifecta combination. The 60 degrees angle, large hole in the middle and spiral ridges all combine to produce remarkable cup of coffee for you to enjoy.

Roasted with Love in Transylvania
Typhoon Roasters Fluid bed technology


No matter what is your budget, Hario has a dripper that is affordable to you and the Hario V60 clear plastic dripper 01 size is a perfect example of that. The glass imitation dripper is a subtle alternative. The heat-retention might not be the same as for a glass dripper but nevertheless the clear plastic v60 will allow any brewer at home to experiment with brewing temperatures and times to alternate the coffee taste. Grab one of these together with some paper filters and begin your brewing journey with Hario today. This particular dripper includes a plastic measuring spoon and full instruction guide on how to prepare your first drip-style coffee.

The translation of Hario is "the King of Glass," which perfectly reflects the achievements of the company. The brand was founded in 1921 and ever since it has been producing the highest quality products made of glass, ceramics and metal. The production process takes place in Japan along with the best environmental sustainability.

Brand:    Hario
Colour:    Transparent
Width:    11,5 cm
Height:    8,2 cm
Diameter:    10 cm

Material: Plastic



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