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How was the Barshaker brand and shop born?

How was the Barshaker brand and shop born?
The whole story started when a colleague's birthday came and we had to buy her a present. What will a bartender buy his colleague in 2007? Well, what she doesn't have. Bar equipment. We started looking and couldn't find a decent website to order from. We were ordering from Hungary when we received a phone call from the owner of the site asking if we would like to build a webshop in Romania with his help. Anyone reading this post will know the answer:)
A few months later we launched our barware website

At this time we were selling only bar tools and equipment because (we thought) there was a demand for it. The hobby project grew into a business, after a couple of years we attracted new business partners and continued to grow. 

    In 2016, Speciality coffee and freshly roasted coffee exploded onto the market with huge interest. More and more micro-roasters appeared and became more and more commonplace. A lot of coffee shops have opened up around the country that we serve but the selection of barista accessories is on the side. We felt the lack so we started to focus on coffee and accessories for coffee making.
We were one of the first in the country to have a very large selection of products for making filter coffee. 
    In 2017, the World of Coffee exhibition was held in Budapest, a few hours from our city. We visited and learned a lot during the two days. We started to understand the concept of Specialty coffee, saw the new trends and last but not least drank a lot of good coffee. 

Also in 2017 we opened the first Barshaker Showroom in Oradea. Here we regularly held lectures, training sessions and workshops on hospitality-related topics. The events were usually free of charge and all of them were aimed, not surprisingly, at developing, teaching and helping the hospitality industry. 

The process was very fast. Thanks to the continuing rise of speciality coffee, home consumption has also taken off. More and more people bought their own espresso machines, coffee grinders and, not least, Aeropresses. Thanks to coffee shops, Speciality coffee became more and more known and we decided to make our own roaster. 

Barshaker Coffee Roasters. 

    We had the idea, but we didn't have the right roaster. We believe in new technology and we were absolutely sure that we didn't want to start roasting until we found a "different kind" of machine. When we came across Typhoon Roasters, we knew straight away that this was the technology we were looking for and that we could move forward with it in the long term. The fluid-bed roasting style makes the coffee roast much more evenly and the result is noticeably sweeter. We just love it. 
Our master roaster Claudiu - who is also the Romanian Aeropress Champion - works wonders with green coffee and you can now taste the results. 

In 2022, we are not only launching the roaster, but we have also rethought and relocated our showroom, which was closed due to pandemic. The concept is similar, there will be a constant stream of events and training, and here again, the focus is on educating and teaching people. The only difference will be that the current location will also provide space to run a 100% functional café. Here you will be able to taste and buy our own coffees, as well as well-known foreign coffees and, of course, coffee accessories.